US Tubing - The Ultimate Seal®

An airtight seal from a Clamp-Connect duct product! That’s the US Tubing difference.

US Tubing manufactures modular metal tubing systems, commonly called ducting or pipework, for mist collection, dust extraction, bulk handling, positive or vacuum conveying, spouting or air transport systems. All parts are available fully welded and designed to provide an airtight seal. Plus you get the speed and ease of a clamp together system! Our ductwork is available with either a fast clamp-connection or a standard bolt-together flange (for larger diameters). Both are available in galvanized, stainless and painted Carbon Steel. Clamp-connect tubing is produced in diameters from 4 to 18 inches and available in standard 16 gauge. Options for 22 to 14 gauge thicknesses are available, where needed. For the flange-connect tubing, we can deliver the pipe up to 12 gauge thick and in diameters from 4 - 48 inches. No matter your application, US Tubing provides The Ultimate Seal® for your ductwork needs.

Whichever modular tubing system you choose (Clamp-Connect or Flange-Connect), you’ll enjoy the simple and fast installation of a quality tubing product that serves extraordinarily well across a wide variety of industries and applications including foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, laboratory, plastics, paper-processing and wet/mist applications. Discover why US Tubing's product line gives you The Ultimate Seal®.

Not only is our product fast to install, but US Tubing customers can expect rapid response, quick decisions, and very fast deliveries. In fact, production lead times are defined as “when do you need it.” Your schedule is our schedule.

Independently Owned

When you work with US Duct ( for US Tubing products, you’re working with an independent, privately held corporation that is dedicated to serving you – not competing with you. We manufacture ductwork and provide that duct to resellers like you – that’s it. You are free from the worries of underselling and cross-product competition from US Tubing. We are your tube fabrication shop.

Tight Sealing!

Clamp-Connect Tube or Flange-Connect Options. No matter the application, we have a US Tubing product that will serve your needs. All products are fully welded and provide tight fittings and seals.

Precise fittings and clean fabrication - We are US Tubing!

Made in the USA

All of our industrial tubing and ducting is made in the United States. Our US based manufacturing and distribution means that you have ‘real quick’ access to exactly what you need, when you need it. Production lead times are defined as “when do you need it.” Your schedule is our schedule.

Proud to be US Made
Quick service • Quick deliveries
Custom fabrication in days – not weeks.