Jacob Tubing Alternative by US Tubing

An American Made, Ready to Ship Alternative to Jacob Tubing

According to our market research, when most industrial customers need truly airtight clamp-connect ducting for dust or mist collection, spouting, or material conveying, they think about one name only:  Jacob Tubing.  They don’t realize that they have a US based, employee-owned alternative:  US Tubing, Inc., based in North Carolina. 

But now we’re letting the secret out.

US Tubing offers an adjustable-torque clamp which tightly compresses external gaskets between perfectly flat pipe ends to form an AIRTIGHT and LEAK-FREE seal.  Similar to Jacob Tubing, the US Tubing alternative utilizes a flat L Vanstone edge, fully encompassed by an EDPM gasket and each part is offered with fully welded seams, to complete the airtight seal.

This tight seal makes US Tubing perfect for mist or vapor systems where leaks are unacceptable.  For food, pharmaceutical or chemical applications where both contamination and leakage can be hazardous. On positive pressure systems where every air leak becomes a product leak.  For vacuum conveying systems where constant high pressure is critical.  And on spouting systems where the lack of negative pressure can lead to housekeeping and possible combustible dust issues if the system is not airtight. 

The perfect alignment between the flat edges of pipe and the flat gasket also eliminate “bug harbors.”  And various materials, finishes and coatings make US Tubing the best choice for many sanitary applications.

But what really sets US Tubing apart from the competition is its customer service and delivery.  Every employee is trained to provide technical design support and empowered to make decisions to ensure customers are satisfied.  Each part on each line of every order is individually inspected before the order is loaded onto the truck and then delivered quickly. US Tubing offers the fastest delivery from order to shipment available for a truly airtight duct.

And our entire process is designed to ship virtually all orders in 3-5 days.

The next time you need truly airtight ducting comparable to Jacob Tubing
and you need it in a hurry, think US Tubing!