Clamp-Connect Duct-The Ultimate Seal® Video

Want to understand what US Tubing is all about?

Watch the video and let Myles show you!



Myles The Ultimate Seal knows a thing or two about working under pressure. He's tested miles and miles of duct - some that stand up to claims of being "100% leak free," and some....well...not so much. Myles knows that when it comes to tubing, the last thing you want to worry about is a leak.

Finding the right seal for your system can be tough!

Clamp-together duct is easy and fast and easy to assemble, but doesn't offer an airtight seal that is often needed for wet high pressure and sanitary applications.


And flange and gasket systems seal well, but take a lot of time to install and are not easily modified.


You don't have to chose between convenience and confidence any longer.  The US Tubing Clamp-Connect joining system gives you the best of both worlds - and it comes Myles approved!

The modular, fully welded pipe is joined by a stainless steel clamp that compresses a V-shaped gasket between two perfectly flat Vanstone edges. Just tighten the bolt on the clamp, further compressing the gasket and creating The Ultimate Seal®.
With no flange bolts or welding to worry about, you can sit back and enjoy 50% faster installation with your new US Tubing system.  Once it is sealed, your system is guaranteed to perform well under pressure and be easy to modify. Check out the Clamp Connect Duct System from US Tubing today!