Why Sell Our Clamp-Connect Tubing?

Do You Currently Sell Rolled Lip, Quick Clamp Ducting?

If you are currently selling clamp together, rolled lip ducting, you should consider US Tubing. Here’s why!

The Next Evolution in Clamp Together Ducting.

This is not a replacement for rolled lip or quick clamp duct but the next evolution in clamp together - meeting the market that falls between the dust collection market of rolled lip and the air/liquid tight and ultra clean food grade/chemical markets that have typically been only addressed by welded flange or tube with couplers. 

The US Tubing product can be as pristine as the application demands — from galvanized to stainless, stitch welded to fully welded, carbon steel to painted. Additionally there are numerous coatings available —Teflon, anti-microbial, anti-abrasive and many more.


The Main Difference? The LEAK-FREE Torque-Tighten Clamp and Full Gasket System!


But the real differentiating factor is the gasket and the clamp. The end of all components are turned back at 90 degrees to the tube (think very precise vanstone). And then, unlike rolled lip duct where the gasket is in the clamp or even applied to the face of the lip, the US Tubing v-shaped gasket encompasses the entire end! Plus a high strength, torque-tightened clamp then surrounds the pipe and gasket and compresses the pipe together on the gasket ensuring a leak-free system!


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