Flange Tubing for Large Diameters

For larger diameter leak-free ducting, think flange and gasket connection, think Flange Tubing.

When we developed US Tubing, we wanted to offer a truly leak-free clamping style tubing product, however, using clamps is only practical in smaller diameter ducting. For applications requiring ducting larger than 18”, we offer Flange Tubing.

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Certified Explosion Isolation Valves – A Real Solution

Certified Explosion Isolation Valves

Explosion Isolation Valves are designed to be installed on bag houses dirty side ductwork to prevent the damaging effect of a dust collector explosion from returning to a building.  In most cases, these valves are part of a larger solution including a Control Panel, Micro Switch and ATEX Dust Level Sensor for NFPA 69-2014 compliance.

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When You Call, We Answer

Yes, that voice on the phone when you dial US Tubing is a real, live person. It's amazing how many times we answer the phone and the caller stutters out, "Oh, I was expecting to leave you a message." Sure US Tubing has voice mail, but you're unlikely to ever reach it.

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The Story of Us

Leaks- the eternal problem of duct installers- especially those installing rolled lip ducting. I had the issues previously when I was at a competitor and so I was not surprised when after many years of competing I spoke to Steve McDaniel and David Kennedy and found that their experience was the same. After all, we were fierce competitors in the clamp-connect ducting industry. Then late last year, we sat down together and realized we’d all tried

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