Flange Tubing for Large Diameters

Flange Tubing for Large Diameters

For larger diameter leak-free ducting, think flange and gasket connection, think Flange Tubing.

When we developed US Tubing, we wanted to offer a truly leak-free clamping style tubing product, however, using clamps is only practical in smaller diameter ducting. For applications requiring ducting larger than 18”, we offer Flange Tubing.

Flange Tubing utilizes a fully welded flange end and a variety of gasket materials to create The Ultimate Seal™ in larger diameter pipe and components. 

The two flange ends are connected by a bolts/nuts and sandwich the gasket tightly between the flanges. Gaskets suitable for food, conductivity and chemical resistances are available – depending on your application. 

All flange tubing seams are fully welded, including longitudinal seams, elbows, branches and other components. The flange system is a total system designed to be leak free under both positive and negative pressure applications.

Applications from gravity spouting to venting and air-knives are perfect uses for flange tubing. Our flange tubing, is offered up to 8 gauge and in diameters from 4"-48". Therefore, flange tubing can be used in conjunction with our clamp-connect tubing product (4”-18”) or in a complete system.

A variety of metals are available including carbon steel, galvanized steel, and various grades of stainless steel. Paint and coatings (both exterior and interior), including Teflon™ are available for all tubing products. However, certain limitations and restrictions apply to finishes. 

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