The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Leaks- the eternal problem of duct installers- especially those installing rolled lip ducting. I had the issues previously when I was at a competitor and so I was not surprised when after many years of competing I spoke to Steve McDaniel and David Kennedy and found that their experience was the same. After all, we were fierce competitors in the clamp-connect ducting industry. Then late last year, we sat down together and realized we’d all tried – and failed – to make our clamp together products leak-free. We’d experimented with hard-to-install gaskets, messy caulks, expensive sealants and detailed installation instructions.

But in the end, virtually all of the systems leaked.

Maybe not on day one. Maybe not while the system was under vacuum. Maybe not even before the customer paid! But eventually nearly every single clamp together duct project leaked. So, one-by-one, we’d given up and accepted that clamp-together ducting is going to leak a bit.

Then, we decided to give it one more try. Together. The goal was simple: Develop a product that was easy-to-install and completely airtight. We had nothing to lose but a few leaks and some disappointed customers.

That’s how US Tubing was born.

Today, US Tubing clamps together quickly and easily without special tools or skills. It can be reconfigured to accommodate system changes. And it does not leak. How?

The secret wasn’t a space-aged gasket or some installation trick. It was a complete change to the traditional clamp-connect system.  Rather than having rolled pipe ends that are difficult to seal, each US Tubing component has a precisely flattened edge, perfect for seating a gasket securely. 

And the US Tubing clamp is designed to press two pipes tightly against each other, not just hold them together. Finally, when a bolt on the clamp is tightened, it compresses a gasket between the two components to eliminate all leakage.

Click here to request a free sample and see The Ultimate Seal! Once you see it, you’ll understand why the leak-free clamp connect duct system of US Tubing is quickly becoming the standard for mist collection, high-pressure air knives, venting for parts washing equipment, laboratory exhaust, pneumatic conveying, dust collection, industrial vacuums and many other applications where the system needs to be airtight.

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