When You Call, We Answer

When You Call, We Answer

Yes, that voice on the phone when you dial US Tubing is a real, live person. It’s amazing how many times we answer the phone and the caller stutters out, “Oh, I was expecting to leave you a message.” Sure US Tubing has voice mail, but you’re unlikely to ever reach it.

We’re not going to “return your call as quickly as possible.” We’ll pick up the phone and talk to you. Now.

Of course, we hope you’re calling with a huge purchase order. 

But in our business, it’s just as likely that you’re mid-installation and you’ve just learned the design has changed. So you need parts quickly. And you need answers now. You don’t have time to wade through a long voice mail menu or hope your message reaches a human who will call you back today. 

Recently, a new US Tubing customer exclaimed, “You guys were already shipping pipe before my normal vendor even returned my call.” Now US Tubing is his “normal vendor.”

He’s like a lot of our new customers, he’d worked with the same vendor for years and gotten comfortable.  He sent orders and they filled them. But over time, the relationship changed. 

Instead of trying to win his business, his old vendor started expecting it. Instead of asking when he needed his ductwork, they started telling him when he could get it. 

And instead of answering his calls, they started telling him to leave a message.

We’re proud of the products we make at US Tubing. Our pipe clamps together quickly and is 100% airtight and leak-free. But we’re even more proud of the service we provide and the trust we’re building with our customers.

So give us a call the next time you’re working on a project.  We’ll pick up the phone and talk to you about it.

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