Working Together

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Then quit. There's no point in being a damn fool about it.

-W.C. Fields


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We Weren't So Crazy After All

They said we were crazy to stake our leak-free reputation on having US Tubing’s water-filled samples delivered by the loving and gentle hands of UPS or FedEx. We did it anyway.  Here's what happened:

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You Asked, We Answered

The number one question we get from prospective distributors is, “Why do I need US Tubing when I already carry a clamp-connect duct product?” Whenever we hear that, we know we’ve not adequately explained what makes US Tubing’s duct different.

Our duct is NOT rolled-lip duct: If you are selling KB Duct, Nordfab or US Duct, you already know that traditional clamp together duct, rolled-lip duct and clamps with an integrated gaskets, are perfect for basic dust or fume systems where dry particulate is conveyed under relatively low negative pressure. 

That’s not our market.
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The Best of Both Worlds

Two Mistakes we all believe about Duct Systems

1). Everyone knows that, aside from duct that is welded at every seam, flange connected duct with gaskets creates the tightest seal and offers a somewhat manageable installation time.


2). Everyone knows that a clamp together duct product installs dramatically faster than any other duct, but doesn’t offer the tight seal of flange duct that is often needed for wet high pressure and sanitary applications.

And now…everyone is WRONG!

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