What Makes Airtight Ducting?

What Makes Airtight Ducting

Would you put a screen door on a submarine? Of course not. Because no matter how tightly you seal the rest of the ship, it’s still going to leak!

The same is true for duct or tube systems: unless the whole system is airtight, it WILL leak. Here are the three main possible leakage points that must be addressed for any system to be an airtight ducting system truly leak-free:

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The US Tubing Difference #1

The US Tubing Difference #1.

I’ve been THAT guy.  The one who the plant manager is screaming at because his system is down.  Installers and employees are standing around with nothing to do.  Equipment is idle.  And production schedules are blown.  All because one $75 piece of pipe is missing from a dust or mist collection system.   

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