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The US Tubing Clamp-Connect system is modular, laser welded clamp-and-gasket joining system that is guaranteed to be leak-free. Each component terminates in a Vanstone edge (a 5/16' turned out lip) that allows it to be joined to the next piece using a sealing gasket and high strength clamp. When the clamp is tightened, it compresses the gasket between the pipe edges to form an airtight seal.

The components (pipe, branches, elbows, etc.) are standard 16 gauge metal (galvanized, stainless steel, painted) with a range of 22 to 14 gauge available upon request. The pipe comes in standard 59' lengths which can be easily clamp-connected together to produce long runs. An optional adjustable sleeve pipe allows for infinite adjustments in the field. Multiple gaskets are available depending on your application requirements. High temperature, food grade and corrosive resistant gasket options are available.

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