Coffee & Peanut Roasting

Industry Focus

Coffee & Peanut Roasting


  • Dust Collection
  • Venting
  • Gravity Spouting

Product Considerations:

  • Products can be Relatively Abrasive
  • Relatively High Temperatures (450-degrees Fahrenheit/232-degrees Celsius)
  • Lumping/caking/friability/clogging/hydroscopic properties of solids
  • Easy Cleaning Important

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US Tubing Advantages:

Airtight Contruction:   

  • Appropriate for positive or negative conveying to +/- 277” WG (10 psi or 0.69 bar)
  • Prohibits snow or rainwater from being drawn into system

Metal options include galvanized and painted carbon steel as well as 304 and 316 stainless steel. Metal sizing options from 14" to 18" plus easy-to-change wear parts are available. Larger sizes are available with standard flange.

Modular construction means fast installation, easy maintenance and trouble-free system reconfiguration

Smooth interior prevents clogs.