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Laboratory Exhaust Ducting


US Tubing's Airtight and Sanitary seal, coupled with its modular design, make it an excellent choice for laboratory exhaust venting - for new or refit projects.

General Design Considerations: Laboratory exhaust system ductwork should be routed through the roof at least 25 feet away from, and downwind of, outdoor air intake components. In some cases, it may be preferable to install ventilation air intake ductwork on the side of the building rather than the roof. This ensures even greater separation from sources of exhaust air that could contain hazardous fumes or substances. Wind tunnel testing should be conducted to determine final placement of laboratory exhaust ductwork. Materials for laboratory ductwork should follow these guidelines: Welded stainless steel, type 316L, for chemical fume hoods that could be exposed to corrosive materials. Polished welded stainless steel, type 316, for hoods exposed to radioactive isotopes. Welded stainless steel, type 316L, for environments where corrosive or toxic exhaust will be encountered. 

Laboratory Exhaust Ducting for:

  • Vapor and Fume Exhaust
  • Clean-room ventilation
  • Corrosive or Toxic Exhaust
  • Exhaust hood venting

Custom Fabrication for Laboratory Exhaust

  • Custom Stainless Steel Hoods
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Reducers and Adapters
  • No-Loss Stacks
  • Stainless Steel Silencers

Modular, stainless steel ductwork is recognized as an excellent fume hood exhaust duct material. The smooth interior surface reduces static pressure loss and chemical waste build up, and stainless steel is extremely resistant to a wide variety of reagents. For many applications clamp connected duct provides faster installation service and can significantly reduce installation costs. When planning exhaust ducting, duct size, length, number of bends, and exhaust material must be considered. Fume hoods exhaust large quantities of laboratory air, and to work properly a similar quantity of fresh air must be supplied to the room. 

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