Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical

Industry Focus

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical

The specifications of US Tubing’s modular/clamp and flange-connect systems are particularly well suited for pharmaceutical and related industry applications.

Pharma and Laboratory Applications for:

  • Dust Collection
  • Laboratory and Cleanroom Ventilation
  • Negative and Positive Pressure Cleanroom Environments
  • Vapor and Fume Exhaust

Pharmaceutical Product Considerations:

  • Cleanliness and clean-ability of duct is important
  • Vapors and fumes can be corrosive or poisonous
  • Lumping/caking/friability/clogging/hydroscopic properties of solids
  • Possible electrostatic charging
  • Combustibility

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US Tubing Advantages:

Airtight Contruction:   

  • Flat-Lip Gasket and full welds prevent leakage and contamination
  • Appropriate for both positive and negative pressure environment

FDA compliant gaskets available

Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel with a variety of antimicrobial and flame retardant coatings

Modular Construction means fast installation, easy cleaning and trouble-free system reconfiguration

Smooth interior free of “bug harbors”