Butterfly Valves

US Tubing’s butterfly valves serve the purpose of assisting with air-flow rate changes.  An internal disc is designed to pivot open or close, to either open or restrict air-flow within the duct space.  Butterfly valves are often a good option for applications that require occasional adjustments in air-flow.  Ductwork gates are also a consideration.

  • All butterfly valves have the same basic operation - a round disk or flap pivots on an internal shaft to open or close the duct passageway. 
  • These butterfly valves are offered in both manual and automatic, and light and heavy duty options.


  • The cylinder requires 90 psi to operate but uses very little volume.
  • The cylinder is activated by solenoids connected to virtually any electric signal - 12/24 V, AC/DC or 110/220 voltage.
  • These solenoids require minimal wiring because they are operated off of milliamps.  
  • The valve is powered in both directions to open and close the disk/flap.

All butterfly valves are offered in Clamp-Connect and Flange-Connect systems.