Hoods for Exhaust Fumes and Labs

Fume hoods provide localized ventilation at the contaminant source. These air venting systems capture and remove smoke, dust, mist, and fumes before they enter the work area, then evacuate the fume laden air through airtight ducting to a filter or exhaust. We offer stainless steel, painted and coated hoods suitable for many applications, including laboratory fume*, exhaust welding and soldering stations, metal grinding, solvent mixing, and even painting. These ducted hoods are available in custom or standard specifications.

Don't forget the DUCTING! We have stainless steel, airtight, clamp-connect ducting that makes installation and system changes a breeze. 

*Whether you need a light duty enclosure for nuisance vapors, a sophisticated hood system, or a custom hood design, let us know what's important to you in a laboratory fume hood, whether it's energy efficiency, space conservation, or if you have unique requirements that call for a custom fume hood design