Flange Connect Elbows

US Tubing offers a variety of options for elbows to use with you Flange-Connect system. The type of elbow you require will vary depending on the diameter, material and/or application of your system.

Flange-Connect elbows are available in a variety of gauges (up to 8 gauge) and metals depending on the construction and metal desired (galvanized, stainless steel, painted).

Please see individual product detail pages for further specifications on the US Tubing Flange-Connect modular tube system elbows.

US Tubing manufactures modular metal tubing systems, commonly called ducting or pipework, for mist collection, dust extraction, bulk handling, ventilation and light pressure conveying.  All parts are fully welded and designed to provide an airtight seal.

Our ductwork is available with either a fast clamp-together connection or a standard bolt-together flange. Both are available in galvanized, stainless and painted Carbon Steel diameters from 4” to 18” and available in either 22 gauge or 14 gauge thicknesses.  As an option, we can deliver the flanged pipe up to 8 gauge.

Whichever system you choose, you’ll enjoy the simple and fast installation of a quality tubing product that serves extraordinarily well across a wide variety of industries and applications including foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, laboratory, plastics, paper-processing and wet/mist applications.

Need something custom? Contact US Tubing for more information.