Flange-Connect Stitch Welded Elbows

Stitch Welded Elbows, are elbows formed by stitch welding halves that have been stamped out using mechanical presses and forming dies. The stitch weld is virtually a continuous weld although a visual examination would lead one to think that the weld was an intermittent weld. HOWEVER, there is another weld on the reverse side welding the 'skipped space' from the other side. The result is a very tight elbow.

  • The mechanical stamping process places limits on the gauge that can be used limiting them to a maximum of 22 gauge.
  • Stitch welded elbows are available in sizes 3",4",5",6",7",8",9",10" and 12" in 90, 60, 45 and 30 degrees
  • Good all-around elbows for particulate or dust up to 8". (Larger than 8”, their application should be limited to light dust or air as the gauge is too light for heavy particle.)
  • The stamping process also limits the elbow to fixed radius of 1xD, 1.5xD.
Please see individual product detail pages for further specifications on the US Tubing Flange-Connect modular tube system elbows.