Tubed Elbows

Tubed Elbows are constructed from non-seamed tubing that is mechanically bent. The 'bending' process results in certain limitations to the diameters and gauges of the resulting elbows:

  • Available in 90, 60, 45 or 30 degrees
  • Available in 16, 14 or 12 gauge
  • Metals - galvanized, stainless-steel or painted.
  • The ends are fabricated with welded flange ends to allow for the flange joining.

Tubed elbows are generally considered in applications for oil mist, fine debris or pharma applications because they have no seam and minimize resistance and ensure against leakage. Additionally they are widely used for paper trim for the same reason.

They are the only SS option in sizes 3"-6".

Please see individual product detail pages for further specifications on the US Tubing Flange-Connect modular tube system elbows.

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