The end of all US Tubing components are turned back at 90 degrees to the pipe (think very precise vanstone). Unlike rolled lip duct where the gasket is in the clamp or even applied to the face of the lip, the US Tubing v-shaped gasket encompasses the entire end! A high strength, stainless steel channel clamp with a torque-tighten bolt and over center clamp then surrounds the pipe and gasket and compresses the pipe together on the gasket, ensuring a leak-free system. Each handle is equipped with a safety latch to ensure against accidental release.

OPTION: Grounding bridge/brackets, welded to the clamp, are available for added conductivity assurance. Our grounding bracket is spot-welded to the clamp and holds two spring loaded bolts against the metal surface of the duct to provide excellent conductivity throughout the system. NOTE: No tools or extra time needed for installation as the grounding bridge comes welded to the clamp.

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The contoured gasket is specifically manufactured to create an airtight seal between the two vanstone ends of the tube and accessories.  The standard gasket is EDPM-Conductive for corrosive resistance and grounding purposes. The gasket fits snuggly over one of the vanstone ends at each joint which, when compressed by our custom clamp, creates the amazingly tight seal of the US Tubing Clamp-Connect System.

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