Clamp-Connect Gaskets

The real difference is the leak-free, airtight torque-tighten clamp and full gasket system -- creating the Ultimate Seal®!


The end of all components are turned back at 90 degrees to the pipe (think very precise vanstone). Unlike rolled lip duct where the gasket is in the clamp or even applied to the face of the lip, the US Tubing v-shaped gasket encompasses the entire end! A high strength, torque-tightened clamp then surrounds the pipe and gasket and compresses the pipe together on the gasket, ensuring a leak-free system!

The contoured gasket is specifically manufactured to create an airtight seal between the two vanstone ends of the tube and accessories. The gasket fits snuggly over one of the vanstone ends at each joint to provide the amazingly tight seal of the US Tubing Clamp-Connect System. Depending on your application, you can select just the right gasket and o-ring to seal your duct. Choose from:

  • EDPM Conductive - for special applications that require conductivity for grounding purposes.
  • Silicone - corrosive resistant, high temperature applications

Consult your US Tubing representative to select the proper gasket material for your application.

Need something custom? Contact US Tubing for more information.

  • EDPM - standard seal. Great for dust collection, non-corrosive and mist applications