US Tubing - Hangers

Every above ground duct installation needs hangers or supports of some kind. US Tubing provides a full line of hangers to accomplish the task. 
Available Ductwork Hangers

Teardrop hangers - offer stability and ease of installation with only one connection fitting. The tear-drop design makes installing and hanging a variety of duct sizes simple.

Saddle hangers - A sturdy, vertically and horizontally stable option, sometimes called a 'pipe hanger,' is typically attached to rods or angel supports. This installation provides excellent support and security of the ductwork system. Saddle hangers usually take a bit longer to position and install, so they are often used in conjunction with other hangers.

Cable hangers - Often called 'trapeze' or Gripple hangers, cable hangers are fast and easy. The cables are secured by Gripple style clamps and suspend the duct in a 'trapeze-like' hammock. This option is most often used in conjunction with other more stable hangers as it offerings little horizontal support.

Hat Hangers - A saddle hanger style hanger with an added 'hat' at the top to allow for a threaded rod/nut to attached to the ceiling, floor or wall.


Have a question about hanging/securing your US Tubing products? Need something custom? Contact Us. We're here to help.