Clamp-Connect Tube

Our premier product, US Tubing’s Clamp-Connect tubing, is a modular tubing system that is fully welded, securely tight and has a clamp and gasket joining system.  Each component terminates in a Vanstone edge (a 3/8" turned out lip) that allows it to be joined to the next piece using a sealing gasket and high strength clamp.

Available Options:

  • 16 gauge standard. Optional 22 to 14 gauge
  • Metal - galvanized, stainless steel, painted
  • Diameters from 4” to 18” which can be configured with the Adjustable Insert Pipe* to produce just about any length to allow for infinite adjustments in the field.
  • Multiple gaskets depending on your application requirements
  • High temperature, food grade and corrosive resistant gasket options

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