Clamp-Connect Installation Guide

Installation Guide

1. Fit the gasket over ONLY one of the connecting flanges. The split in the gasket slides over the flange and the standing ribs of the gasket should be facing outward so that they clamp between the two pieces. NOTE: The gasket is supposed to be very snug.

2. Abut the next piece of pipe against the gasket. There is only one gasket at each joint. Installation Tip: Some installers spray the inside of the clamps with WD-40, similar lubricant or use dish soap to coat the outside of the gaskets to help avoid any "bunching" or "dimpling" of the gaskets as the clamp is tightened.)

3. Place the clamp over and around the two ends of the connection. Make sure the v-shaped profile of the clamp fully encloses the end of each pipe and the gasket.

4. Close the clamp.

a. Use a power driver or impact wrench with a 1/4" Allen bit to tighten the adjustment bolt opposite the clamp's over-center handle to ensure a leak-proof seal. NOTE: IF the gasket begins to bunch before the torque pulls the ends of the pipe together snugly, apply a lubricant such as WD-40 to the outside of the gasket before joining the pipes together. This allows the clamp to slide over the gasket more easily. 

b. Once the clamp is closed, snap the wire retaining clip over the clamp handle to prevent accidental opening.

The Adjustable Sleeve

NOTE: Adjustable sleeves provide for easy field fitting where less than 5’ of duct is required. Use of a sleeve is for negative systems only and can blow out under positive pressure.

1. Measure the length needed to complete a shorter than 5’ connection. For example, if you need 7’ of pipe between two branches. As the standard pipe is 5’ in length, you will need a 5’ section and a two-foot length. Therefore,

2. Take a 5’ section (1) and cut it slightly shorter than you need (2a).  In this case where we need 2’. Cut it a little shorter than 24”. (You can use a reciprocating saw, nibblers, or a grinding wheel). IMPORTANT: There are two lengths of sleeves: 11” long and 4” long. The shorter sleeve allow for shorter (under 11”) requirements but also has less adjustment so cut carefully AND wisely.

3. Remove any sharp edges.

4. Take the cut piece of pipe and slide it into the adjustable sleeve (2b). NOTE: Do not use your 4” sleeves where a 11” will work. They should be reserved for shorter sections—if needed.

5. Slide the sleeve up and down on the pipe until the assembly is the length that you desire.

6. Roll the O-ring (comes with the sleeve) off the sleeve and onto the pipe and then roll it up against the Vanstone edge of the sleeve and clamp (3 is the completed assembly).  NOTE: If the pipe assembly is too long or too short, un-clamp, adjust, and re-clamp.

7. Tighten the adjustable bolt on the clamp to compress.

While extremely tight, the adjustable sleeve is not guaranteed as leak-free for mist or coolant systems.  In the event that this part does leak, the customer has two options:

1. Use an off-the-shelf caulk to seal the part.

2. Send US Tubing an exact measurement of the telescoping piece.  We will send you an exact length segment that can be snapped in to replace the telescoping adjustable sleeve section.  The replacement part will not leak.