Installation Tips for Mist Collection Systems

Installation Tips for Mist Collection Systems

Horizontal Runs:

  • Install horizontal runs at a slight incline (preferably towards the collector) to allow liquids to drain out of the duct.
  • Install adjustable sleeves upstream (in reference to air movement) of the cut pipe for improved airflow and drainage.
  • Ensure the duct is properly supported as liquids pooling in the duct can be extremely heavy.
  • On runs where it is not possible to hang duct with an incline, install taps or drains to keep liquid from pooling on low spots.

Vertical Runs:

  • When installing mist collection systems Install the adjustable sleeves below the cut sections of the pipe.
  • This allows any liquids running down the inside of the pipe to flow all the way back to the machine without impediment.

Notes on Adjustable Sleeve:

  • When installing the adjustable sleeve, ensure drainage flows in the direction from the cut pipe towards the adjustable sleeve.
  • Make sure that the clamp connecting the adjustable sleeve to the cut pipe fully encloses the o-ring seal.
  • Tighten the adjustable bolt on the clamp to compress the o-ring between the cut pipe and the adjustable sleeve.
  • some installers prefer to measure the entire adjustable section and contact US Tubing for a made-to-order single length of pipe.
US TUBING also offers Oil Mist Accumulators. These cost effective units help scrub the oil from the air at the source and lower the volume of liquid in the duct.