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US Tubing Product Information and Pricing Booklet

The US Tubing Product Information and Pricing Booklet* is your go-to resource for high quality, efficient, and cost-effective AIRTIGHT duct fabrications.

We pride ourselves on not only delivering a quality product, but getting it to you quickly. When you add it all up, an amazingly tight product, fast response for service and delivery and a dedicated, attentive staff, US Tubing fits for your customer, your application and you.

US Tubing’s Airtight Product Design: The Next Evolution in Clamp Together Ducting

This is not a replacement for rolled lip or quick clamp duct but the next evolution in clamp together - meeting the market that falls between the dust collection market of rolled lip and the air/liquid tight and ultra clean food grade/chemical markets that have typically been only addressed by welded flange or tube with couplers.

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*Prices subject to change without notice. Does not include any applicable TARIFF related fees.  Does not include any reseller discounts that you may be entitled to. Please contact US Tubing to inquire about any possible discounts you may qualify for, or to get a detailed, final price for your project.